The switch

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After a few months of changing the name, I have decided to change it back to MAWStudios. The server will remain completely the same, but will everything will resume under MAWStudios.

This means that the FHU Discord Chat will no longer be used thus halting any activity on it.

The switch from youtube

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After deleting all my videos I've moved my videos from the channel MAWStudios Entertainment to my own site
The same rules for the forums and minecraft server ALL APPLY.

Extra Rules:
1. No copyrighted content is allowed; If you have a complaint or claim, please email
2. If you use other works in any way, you must include credit in the description or video, otherwise the video will be removed.
3. If any video is found offensive, the video will be removed for public view and reviewed.
A. If the video is found not against the rules, it will be readded for public view.
B. If the video violates the rules, it will be permanently removed, and the submitter will get a warning.
C. Warnings will be counted to 3. If it exceeds 3 the user will be permanently banned
4. You must be 16 years or older to register...


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Server Rules

No Griefing[Major]
Simple enough, do not destroy anyone’s builds, place tons of lava, or steal from anyone. You may destroy small amounts of blocks to get to a higher place or repair a building.

Doing so will result in a ban. (min: 1 day max: permanent)
No Harassment[Major]
Do not harass other players, meaning no bullying, threatening, hate speeches, discrimination, and not leaving players alone.

Doing so will result in a PERMANENT ban.
No Advertising[Major]
Do not advertise other server IP’s or names, you are allowed to share twitch/youtube links, as long as they abide by the rules. Websites and discord links are NOT allowed.

Doing so will result in a PERMANENT mute.
No Threats[Major]
Do not make ANY threats to harm players, staff, or the server. Including hack threats, death...
The Rules.

What to do?

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So for a while now, the server has been in survival and I'm looking for ideas. Should I keep it at survival or should I turn it into something else?

New Themes

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I'm sure you've all noticed the brand new theme, and this one has a light and a dark mode. To access the dark mode, scroll to the very bottom of the screen and click the [UI.X] button and click on ]UI.X Dark Mode]
New Themes.

Bot The Spawn

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The spawn for the server is nearing completion, hop on now to to check it out!2019-11-13_08.29.27.png
New spawn.